ITProTV Interview

Ad Campaign

Logo, Landing Page, Ads

ITProTV partnered with Wiley Publishing to extend their content and users with Wiley’s vast library of books. We flew down to ITProTV in Gainesville, FL several times to develop a relationship with the team and get a feel for how they work together. After spending several days filming interviews and taking headshots of the hosts we were able to come away with a deep understanding of what makes ITProTV so unique and successful. We then brainstormed ideas of combining Wiley and ITProTV’s brands to create an engaging and informing ad campaign.

ITProTV Landing Page

My Role

I was one of the key designers and creators of this entire campaign. Flying down to Florida, a coworker and I teamed up to take tons of headshots and video footage used in our ad campaign. I then used the footage and photos to create numerous banner display ads, social media ads, and a 10 second video ad. These ads were then directed to a landing page I designed.

ITProTV Branded Ads
ITProTV Host Ads
ITProTV Social Ads